Thursday, August 19, 2010

Week One!

We met with Scott on Wednesday to unload the car and truck while my dad visited a doctor for a bad cough. It only took and hour or so to unload so we went looking for a new bed! We found a store that has locations through the Midwest where they make all their own mattresses so the prices are way lower. We got a great new mattress for about 1/2 price it would be anywhere else. Victory! After that we went swimming at the hotel and had dinner at a nice Chicago style pizza place that was nearby.
On Thursday Scott went to another day of orientation at school while I went couch shopping with my dad and brother Sean. We found a great furniture store called Homemakers. It was GIANT! Like IKEA but better. Truth. We headed straight to the clearance center and found a nice black leather couch with recliners! Absolutely perfect for the two of us, and nice to upgrade from our previous couch. It was nice spending the day with Dad and Sean. We walked around a nearby mall and I got some new running shoes (I started going running this week!) and a new fan for my laptop. That evening we picked Scott up from school and went to dinner. After dinner Dad and Sean left. It was hard to see them go, but we'll see them again soon!

Friday I had an interview with Wells Fargo Financial in downtown Des Moines (only a few miles away from our apartment). After two interviews that morning they offered me the position! I originally thought I was applying for a bank teller position, but I found out that it is Customer Service in a call center. After all of my experience with APX I think this will work out well. I am a Level 1 Representative making the same as I did at APX (as a supervisor) and the hours are much better! We are only open M-F from 8 am to 6 pm. Legit. I start on the 30th of this month which gives me time to unpack and get everything settled in our apartment. I feel very blessed to have a job already (and a good one at that) and that things have worked out so well with moving here.

It was crazy hot the whole week - there has been a big heat spell through the Midwest. The heat index was upwards of 100 degrees every day, usually around 110. Way too hot! There has also been a lot of rain and many rivers throughout the state have flooded. The city of Ames didn't have clean water for a few days because the flooding causes a few water mains to break. We live just above the Des Moines River which actually works very well. The water wouldn't reach our apartment unless it rained steady for weeks and weeks, so I'm glad for that. :)

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