Sunday, September 27, 2009

Catch Up

So I haven't blogged in quite some time. I have actually started a few posts but never finished them. Maybe I'll get around to that sometime and get them posted. Who knows?

Well school started for me the end of August and things have only gotten busier since. Scott is still adjusting to being a graduate, but he might miss the free time when he starts med school. It also gives him time to do things like laundry and cleaning, and what wife doesn't want that? :)

Anyway, I am currently taking 17 credits and working up to 32 hours a week and so far things are going well! I am on a ballroom team at UVU which is a big change because I haven't really danced much since high school. I'm also taking a dance technique class to brush up on my skills. :) Aside from that I am mostly taking generals. I have Intro to Humanities, Ethics & Values, Intro to Spanish and Intro to Hospitality Management. I love everything except Humanities which was a little surprising. My teacher is more like a "If-we-have-different-opinions-then-yours-is-wrong" sort of guy so the class has learned to hold their tongues when he asks questions and he gets pretty upset when nobody will speak. The class I was most worried about was Ethics, but it has turned out to be one of the best. Learning all of this philosophy stuff isn't took bad, and my teacher loves to see the thoughts of his students so he can learn more as well. The whole class is very comfortable speaking up. Spanish is one of my favorites because my teacher is so funny. He is a great teacher and really loves what he does. Last but not least, Hospitality. This is an online class and last week the teacher cut our load in half because he realized that most of the students are full time with a full time job and/or kids at home. It's probably the easiest class I have ever had, but it's interesting to read about the industry.

Since I decided to change majors this semester I have four semesters left, so I am trying to plan everything out so I can take online classes once we move next fall. Hopefully all will go as planned. Scott's application process is going well, although he might tell you otherwise because he tends to worry sometimes. Last week he interviewed at a school in Glendale, AZ and we should find out in a week or so if he has been accepted. We have another interview next month in Kirksville, MO and we're going there together for the weekend. We're anxiously awaiting more interviews, hopefully from a MD school or two, but we'll see what happens!