Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was very eventful. Scott and I were to church early as he was the ward organist today. Although Scott isn't an organ player (piano skills really aren't all that transferable) and he played the piano while the primary children sang for the mothers. Also at church today we were both released from our callings in primary. It is nice being in primary and serving in the ward but we are glad to have some "time off" to go to Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society before we move.

After our hour at church we drove to Springville for Parker's blessing! Parker is the newest addition to the Combest family (Misty and Zach). It was a nice meeting - very different to be sitting with the whole family (including five small children) rather than just Scott and myself.

After the blessing we all went to visit Grandma Eastland and she was able to meet Parker for the first time. Below is a nice picture of her holding the baby. We had some light snacks before making our way to my mom's house for dinner. I got to play mommy today by watching Misty's two older children Gage and Hailie for most of the day as well - fun for me, and a break for her! I even got to deal with Hailie not making it to the potty in time...not too bad when you love the kid. :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Des Moines, Iowa!

As you may know, Scott will be attending Des Moines University for medical school! He starts school the first week of August and we are excited for our new adventure. We will be moving out of our apartment by the end of June and staying with my parents for a few weeks before driving to Des Moines.

I have also been looking for things that we can stop and see/do on the way to Des Moines, although there isn't much when you're driving through Nebraska. I think we'll stop to see the Winter Quarters Temple, especially because that will be our temple district when we move! It will be strange not having a temple only ten minutes away, but I know that we are still very fortunate to have one only a few hours away. We will also be living only three and a half hours from Nauvoo and I am excited to be so close!

Now I feel like I am rambling, but I just want to tell the world all about our upcoming adventure!


On Saturday I didn't have to work and Scott got off early, so we did something spontaneous! We packed a bag and drove to Manti! We grabbed dinner when we got there, then went to the temple. Instead of driving home at night in the rain, we stayed the night in a motel and stayed up late watching TV (we forgot what it's like to have cable and a TV). Overall, it was the best temple date ever! I have never been through a live session before and it was wonderful. The temple is the most beautiful I have seen and I can't wait to go back. Sometimes I forget how peaceful it is to be in the temple and have time away from the world. Here are some pictures from our overnight adventure.