Friday, July 16, 2010

Miller Family Time

On Saturday, July 18 we had a get together with the whole Miller clan! Everyone was able to make it - grandparents, aunts, uncles, was great! We celebrated birthdays and had lunch then took family pictures. They turned out well! It was really nice to be able to see everyone before we moved to The Great Midwest!

For all the Millers: I am going to be uploading all the photos to Picasa online, I just need to figure out how to batch upload. So...that is ongoing and I'll let you know! Blogger also will not upload my photos right now, so they are to come.


For my birthday this year we had a barbecue with my family. It was great to spend the evening with everyone after a day at work. I mainly played with my nieces and nephews outside while all the adults spent time inside talking. After dinner we had chocolate cake and ice cream. So great!

For Scott's birthday he got off work early to go golfing with Dave. They had a great time and after they were done I met up with them and Janice for dinner at Chili's. Delicious! We filled up pretty quick on our chips and salsa so we all had to take food home. Not a big deal - leftovers are great. After dinner we had "cake" and ice cream with my parents. Scott isn't a fan of cake so my dad got two cans of Dr Pepper and frosted the tops of them. Then he added sprinkles and candles for us to light!

We received some fun gifts that we are very excited about! First and foremost, Scottie got me an iPod touch. SO AWESOME! He wasn't sure if I would like it which was very comical to me. I have been wanting one since they came out but I never mentioned it. A few months ago we were told that all students at DMU receive an iPod touch and I got so jealous, but still didn't metion it. He just knows me well. :) We also received some great DVDs from Steve (he gave us all the movies that he now has on BluRay), gift cards from my parents, and some birthday money from Scott's parents. Thank you again to everyone!

Paul McCartney!

A few months ago my dad called and said "Guess who's coming to Salt Lake?" and I comically answered "The Beatles!" Little did I know how close of a guess that was. My dad was sure to get tickets the minute they went on sale so we were able to go! The concert was on July 13 at the Rio Tinto stadium in Sandy. The outdoor setting was great! The temperature was just right and the music was loud. It was absolutely amazing to see Paul McCartney live, especially with my dad. If you don't know him, he is a HUGE Beatles fan and he LOVES Paul McCartney. Scott and I sat a row back and a few seats down, but the concert was still wonderful. Below are some fun pictures from the concert. The top is a text that my brother sent to me during the concert. It's my favorite. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eastland Family

Sunday was great! We spent the afternoon at Grandma Eastland's house along with some family. My brother Steve was there with his two children and Misty was there with her three children. I had such a great time playing with all the kids, and Grandma enjoyed seeing us all. We spent a lot of time in the front yard while Steve and I gave all the kids piggy back rides and shoulder rides. It was really hot, but we had a great time!


Saturday night Scott and I babysat Parker, the son of our friends Shawn and Seraph. We have working with Shawn at APX since we started there, and Seraph has worked there for a summer as well. We had fun with Parker playing in the backyard, with blocks, the drum set, and going for a walk. We even snuggled on the couch for a bit to watch TV. Here are a few pictures that I took for his mom.

Starting the Move!

We moved out of our Orem apartment during the last week of June. Aside from a few boxes I had moved a month or so before, we were out in one day cleaning and all. Thank you to my dad for his help moving and thank you to Julie and Landon for helping us clean! As of now we are kicking it in at my dad's house. Life is great spending time with family before we move.

At the beginning of the summer I found us an apartment in Des Moines! It is in a house built 1890 that was totally remodeled in 1999. It has one bed, one bath, a living room and a galley style kitchen. The back of the house faces the river, and we have a few windows overlooking the river. We also have a small patio with stairs down to the common patio (we're on the second floor). We haven't seen it in person, but here are some photos we were given. We are very excited!