Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

This summer has been a lot of fun with the nice weather! Aside from work I've been able to read a few more books and do some fun stuff!

For the 4th of July we went to work (big surprise) then up to Riverton to party with my mom's side of the family. The food was great, and I made some fun brownies for the occasion. My cousins built a little zip line in the backyard too and we got everyone to try it out. The video is of my Aunt Terri on the zip line.

Scott and I went to an Orem Owlz baseball game (thank you to APX for the tickets!) and had a great time. The game was great and the Owlz won!

My birthday was on the 14th so Scott and I planned to go to a midnight showing of Harry Potter. While we were at work I was given two tickets to the American Idol Tour that night! Thank you again to APX because the concert was great! I didn't really follow American Idol, so I now understand the Adam Lambert craze. The guy is amazing! He has a great voice and a great stage presence. I took lots of pictures and took a video of each performer. We left just before the finale to avoid traffic and we were able to make it back with plenty of time to spare before Harry Potter started. I absolutely loved the movie and can't wait to watch it again.

For my birthday we had a BBQ at my dad's house and I invited a bunch of friends to come have fun. We had lots of food (including s'mores and popsicles!), we played water balloon volleyball, and watched a movie outside once it got dark. It was a lot of fun to see everyone and just hang out. My dad has all the photos, so I'll post some later. My friend Nicole also turned 21 that week so I went to her house for cake and ice cream.

Nicole and her soon-to-be fiance (we're still waiting on the proposal).

Five of us at Nicole's birthday party. We all grew up together so this was a fun photo.
Last but not least out of things that have happened lately, Scott turned 24! Now if you know Scott you know that he really doesn't like celebrating birthdays so we didn't do much out of the ordinary. I did however talk him into eating at Cafe Rio after work. My friend Liz came with us and we got a dessert to share. I made Scottie pose. :)