Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Time, No Blog

So it's been a while since I actually blogged, and I am feeling so detached! Finally, I have time to write. :)

Once Scott and I were officially done with the semester, we came to Boise to celebrate Christmas with the Millers. The drive up was a little snowy, but nothing too worrisome. On the way up I started reading Twilight, which Scott gave me for our anniversary. I've been hooked since the first chapter, so Scott gave me the second book of the series for Christmas. I have since finished that and moved on to the third. I can't wait to finish the series and see the movie!

Christmas was wonderful! On Christmas Eve Eve (the day before Christmas Eve) we spent the day baking. We made Chocolate Cutout Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms, and Muddy Buddies. After all was said and done, we went caroling to deliver the baked goods to neighbors and friends. It was the best Christmas Eve Eve ever!

Christmas Eve we spent wrapping presents, watching Christmas Classic, and making a gingerbread house! Well it was made from graham crackers, but it was amazing. I'll put pictures up soon. After our Christmas Eve dinner we had a little talent show. We had two piano solos by Melanie and Landon, a duet sung by Julie and Janelle with Dave on the piano, a solo by Lisa with Dave on the piano, and a dance number by Scott and I. It was so much fun! After the Christmas Show we all got dressed up to portray The Nativity. Scott and I were Joseph and Mary, which was awesome. I would have thought that all the girls wanted to be Mary, but the sisters always fight over who gets to be the angel. Kind of funny. :) After the Nativity we each opened a gift.

Christmas Day we woke at six to open presents. We opened things youngest to oldest, one-by-one. It was lots of fun! I received some great gifts that were much needed, and everyone enjoyed the gifts we gave. Once the gift stuff was over Scott and I went back to bed to catch the sleep we missed. The rest of the day we played games and watched movies.

We planned to come home the 26th, but every road was closed. We're just riding it out here (quite comfortably I might add) and waiting for the roads to clear. We don't have any pressing engagements until January, so we'll be here relaxing until further notice. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Anniversary

Life has been pretty crazy the last month or so, but here are the photos from our anniversary. Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving Week

Monday we packed everything from our spare bedroom (this doesn't sound like a big job, but it's kind of our dumping ground for things), bathroom, and kitchen. I kept boxes for some of the dishes which was great - I highly recommend keeping the original packing. We've also kept any boxes we have gotten a hold of, so that was also very helpful.

Tuesday we looked at a new apartment before heading to Boise. We were going to take it but decided not to at the last minute. We finally got out of town and decided to crash with family in Ogden to split the drive. The Blackers rock! We gave them really short notice but everything turned out great. We had a blast spending time with everyone and it was fun for me to get to know them a little better.

Wednesday we got into Boise in the afternoon and partied with the family until check-in time at the Anniversary Inn. We stayed in the Mysteries of Egypt room and it was great! I'll have to post pictures. After dropping our stuff at the hotel we had dinner at PF Changs. It was amazing!

Thursday we had a big Thanksgiving dinner with a few families from the ward then watched a movie with the family. We also took our usual Thanksgiving day naps.

Black Friday we all slept in and lounged on the couch for the duration of the day. Scott and I ventured out shopping in the afternoon, but didn't come back with anything. After dinner Mom and Dad Miller took us to Costco to get us some much needed items. Thank you to the parents! We watched another movie before heading to bed.

Saturday morning we went to the temple, and it was great. Last time we went to the Boise temple for a session I was the only girl, so getting to and from the dressing room was tricky. I'm just used to the Provo temple. Lucky for me the temple workers love to help! Today was especially nice because Lisa came and I got to sit next to her. At home I did lots of homework until we went to dinner, then Scott's friend Andy came over to hang out. It was great to talk to him a little and get to know him better.

Sunday we'll be heading back to Provo - back to school for only a few short weeks before the break. Hooray!

The Mold

For the past year we have been living in an apartment in my dad's basement, and it was working pretty well for everyone. Throughout the year we have had lots of random water problems all over the apartment - the closet in the spare bedroom, the laundry room, the bathroom, the kitchen and the furnace room. Each room had its own problem that came and went.

Lately we've been having water by the window and sink in the kitchen which didn't seem to be a big problem until we realized the water was coming from above. After much deliberation we found that the leak must be the pipe that drains from the upstairs kitchen sink & dishwasher. My dad cut holes in the wall behind drawers and cupboards in their kitchen trying to find a break in the pipe, all to find nothing. He then came to our kitchen and cut around the window where the water seemed to be accumulating. Once he started cutting the walls kind of fell in, and what did he find? A pipe with a nail in it, lots of water, and lots of mold. Gah!

While he was cutting all these holes, Scott and I were at Julie & Landon's house. My dad was texting me updates as he went along, which was nice for us to have an idea of what we were coming home to. When we got home we ran downstairs to grab some basic things and could hardly breathe because of the smell. We slept upstairs in my old bedroom until Tuesday when we left for Boise.

As of right now, the entire kitchen will need to be torn apart, as will the furnace room, bathroom and bedroom. We found an apartment that is near by that we are hoping to move into on the 1st of December, but we're still working out the kinks on moving in. I guess we'll see come Monday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party With The Lisonbees

Saturday was the widely watched BYU-U of U game, and Landulie (Landon & Julie) invited us over to party. During the first quarter Julie & I made a pizza while the Scott & Landon were engrossed in the game. The pizza was heart shaped and we made a Y out of pepperoni. We later realized that the pepperoni was a Y for BYU with U of U colors. Oh well, work with what you've got. :) Well the pizza was amazing and I definitely need to get the dough recipe from Julie.

We survived the game, but chatted through most of it. Keep in mind that when I say we I mean Julie and I. The boys were loving it until the fourth quarter when BYU was obviously losing. At first Landon was sitting between us, but he soon found that it wouldn't stop us from talking. He and Julie finally traded seats and it was glorious to have a conversation separate from the game.

During commercials we had to check scores of other games, and once the BYU game was over we had to watch another game. Gah! Julie and I thought we could get through, but by the end of the seventh hour of football I had about had it. The boys broke out the UNO cards but continued to watch in between their turns.

We ended up staying over until almost midnight because of an apparent mold situation at home. We were avoiding going home because we knew that our apartment was pretty messed up and we were going to need to sleep upstairs. Boo. More on the mold in my next post (photos too!), so keep an eye out!

The Mini Millers

As I was looking over our blog just now, Scott asked why we are "The Mini Millers". I decided that maybe others were wondering too, so here is a post about it.

This past August we had a Miller family reunion in Boise. Since Scott and Julie are both married now, the parents thought it would be great to start having our own reunions which I must say was a fabulous idea. Scott's mom Lisa e-mailed us an itinerary beforehand so we would know what to plan for, and in part of it she called us the Mini Millers to more easily distinguish between the families. I felt I needed something a little catchy for our blog title and I loved Lisa calling us the Mini Millers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Year Anniversary

This past Monday was our first anniversary. So exciting! Since we're both in school and working we couldn't do a whole lot on Monday, but after class the day was ours! We had lunch together at one of our favorite places: Diego's. It's a little Mexican place in Provo located just off of University Avenue by Smith's. The food is the best we have found for the best price! I always get rolled tacos (which are like taquitos only waaaaay better) and Scott get's a chicken burrito. We also get a soda to share and I always opt for the Sprite because it is truly refreshing when I get it at Diego's. Anyway, after lunch we just spent some time together at home and recreated our reception by taking a few bites of our cake. Yes we froze the top layer, took a few bites (one year later) and threw the rest away. My parents gave us a really funny card - I'll add a picture - and a little gift. For the evening we walked around the mall basically window shopping, then Scott took me to 7-11 to get hot chocolate (it's the best ever). We then met with a couple of friends to see The Dark Knight at the dollar theater. I even got a pickle. :) We got home after midnight and fell asleep quickly.

I got Scott a Boise State shirt that arrived a little late, and my gift is still on its way. While we wait we're going to head up to Boise for Anniversary/Thanksgiving. We'll be reliving our honeymoon at the Anniversary Inn and having dinner at PF Changs (I've been wanting to go since our honeymoon). Then we'll get to have Thanksgiving with Scott's family. Awesome!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our Wedding

My First Post!

Thanks to my fabulous sister-in-law Julie, my blog is now looking more like I wanted it to! She gave me links to some of the greatest blogging websites so I can love my blog enough to share it. :)

Well this is my first post ever, and I am pretty excited. I've never done much blogging, but I have a feeling I'm going to love it. If anyone has any tips or tricks, let me know! I'd love to get some more ideas on how to improve.