Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Week, Fun Trip

After a very busy week at work Scott and I were able to escape! Monday and Tuesday were regular work/school days for us, then we ramped it up with 10 work hours on Wednesday and 13 work hours on Thursday. We put in the extra hours because it was so busy this week, and it sure didn't hurt to make up lost hours from the weekend! Friday morning Janelle, Scott, and I jumped in the car and made the drive to Boise. I was the driver (I love to drive) and we only stopped once because we can't quite make it on one tank.

We arrived home (Boise) around three in the afternoon and spent some time relaxing with the parents before going to the high school talent show that Melanie was in charge of. Most of the acts were fun to watch, but being in the atmosphere made me realize how glad I am to be out of high school. Don't get me wrong, I loved high school, but I am glad to never go back. After the show we went to IHOP. So delicious.

Saturday we spent time relaxing and doing some homework, made a trip to Costco and went to Melanie's soccer game (her team won!). After the game we hustled home to change for the adult session of Stake Conference. It was a nice session, and I enjoyed the messages shared. After the session ended we had a late dinner at Applebee's. So great! We even ordered a dessert to share, then we home for a Star Wars movie party. We only made it through the first movie before going to bed for Stake Conference in the morning.

This morning's conference session was nice - I love to hear my father-in-law speak. After eating lunch we'll head home so we can all get to class tomorrow. A quick trip, but totally worth it. Overall, it was an enjoyable trip.

Summer Time!

I know that it isn't summer yet but as our boss says, "it is vastly approaching". Scott and I are both Data Entry Supervisors at APX Alarm in Provo and the summer season is a big deal to our department since the company has been built on a summer sales program.

In the past our department has been run by one manager, six supervisors, and twelve team leaders but this summer we are trying something completely different. We now have five supervisors managing the department as a group, and instead of reporting to the manager we go straight to the director. Each supervisor is going to be responsible for a personal area of the department (hiring, staffing, morale, etc.) as well as roughly 20 employees through the summer. I am very excited for this new opportunity as I will be able to take on some bigger responsibilities and have the chance to have a greater impact on the people, department and company.

My personal area is hiring employees and staffing our department accordingly. I have never been directly involved with hiring, so I am excited to be able to add this to my resume. Over the past few weeks I have been constantly preparing for our recruiting open house meetings - so far, the work has paid off! Our first meeting was on March 18 and everything was great! Our call floor was incredibly busy all week because it was Spring Break for UVU and a lot of salespeople went out for the week, but we were able to keep a few people off the phones to help interview and direct people at our meeting.

Things will only get busier at work as the semester comes to an end, but I am so excited for sunny days and warm weather!