Thursday, August 19, 2010


 What is new?
  • Smoking. Not me, but seemingly everyone else. Really. It's semi-comical to see hospital employees take smoking breaks outside.
  • Speed limits. Basically everything is a 30 mph limit. Residential, commercial, etc. Some roads get up to 35 mph. Big news. 
  • Driving in general. You think people don't honk in Utah? Wrong. People truly do not honk here. Also, everyone drives slowly yet a little crazy. Turning in front of others, cutting people off, etc. Weird!
  • Humidity. I have experienced humidity before, and it was much worse. Not actually a bad thing. More details below. :)
  • Races. Don't know how to properly say this. There are many different people here - not like Utah.
  • Religions. Instead of LDS churches on every block, there are Methodist buildings. Also, lots of old churches around. Really neat! I want to spend a day seeing all of them.
  • One-way streets. I have been waiting for this! Definitely something that Provo does not have. LOVE!
  • Timed traffic lights. Also something Provo does not have that I have been waiting for. Hooray!
  • Insects. Nast. They seem to be everywhere...maybe it's worse because we live so close to the river?
  • People. LOVE the people here. Everyone is so nice! I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond the other day and five employees asked me how my day was and if they could help me. The best part? They were being genuine, and it is like that everywhere that I go.
  • Bathroom without drawers. I realized today what was missing. Sad.
  • Bathroom with carpet. Gross on many levels. Weird that the rest of the apartment has hardwood and linoleum floors.
  • People. Already mentioned. Included in this is our landlord Mike. Great guy!
  • Church. We are in a branch and the closest temple is over two hours away. Strange. I feel like we belong more in our branch. Everyone is happy to have more people move in! We will definitely be getting callings soon. Also, they have asked us speak soon. Expected. :)
  • One-way streets. Already mentioned my undying love. They can be a tad tricky at first, but I find them surprisingly simple to decipher!
  • Timed traffic lights. Again, I already mentioned this but I am pretty sure that this assists in the people not speeding thing. So great!
  • Humidity. I know, I know. This isn't something that one should love. But I do! Firstly, it keeps my dry skin much less dry (good for the eczema) and secondly, it's like the sauna I had but never used.
  • Popsicles. That heat spell was horrid. Popsicles are icy blessings coated in sugary, syrupy goodness. Almost comparable to snow cones. Almost.
  • Wood floors. Easy to clean. Good looking. Enough said.
  • New bed. My headaches, neck pain and back pain? All gone since I started sleeping on our new mattress. That's right. Latex is the way to go people.
  • Corvettes. I would love to have a vette of my own one day. You know, in like 30 years. I see at least one vette here every day (except for the rainy days). I love it!
What I am Learning
  • To coexist with bugs. Actually, more with spiders and their little webs. Number one problem with moving into an apartment that has been vacant for a month? The arachnids take over. I am slowly tackling the webs and hope the spiders leave with them. If not I will continue pretending to ignore them.
  • To wash all dishes by hand. Darn. My real problem with this is the dry skin thing. I hate having to put on lotion so often, so thank you again for the humidity! :)
  • To sleep without the covers. No matter how hot it gets I have always needed something to cover me. Even just a sheet! With the heat spell I learned to sleep without any covers. Really. It's actually okay.
  • To utilize the windows instead of the air conditioning. Not too bad, but fresh air and AC are different. Takes some getting used to.
  • To know how to get there before you go. Yes I have gotten a little lost a few times. All for the better, because now I am familiar with the main roads as well as the areas I was lost in.

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  1. Dear rachel,
    I love these lists! They are a good way to sum up your life in Iowa! I also love your new blog. Good job rachy, good job!


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