Thursday, April 28, 2011

Six Weeks of Greatness: Week Six

This post has been a long time coming. I am a little behind on my blogging so this weekend I'm planning to play catch up. Finishing up my Six Weeks of Greatness was a visit from the Millers! I definitely skipped Weeks three and four as both were fairly uneventful.

Dave, Lisa and Melanie flew into Des Moines Thursday night. After picking them up we all had dinner at Perkins (a restaurant I had never heard of) before heading back to show them our apartment then on to the hotel where the five of us stayed together. The hotel? Spectacular. Our room had two bathrooms (seriously. so awesome) and a nice window view of the street below us. The pool was a little small, but a nice cool off after heating up in the awesome hot tub. We also had access to a private lounge that had awesome breakfast and lots of snacks. Mmm.

Friday we went to Nauvoo, Illinois to do baptisms in the temple. It was so neat! Scott and I were able to do a session in the Nauvoo temple in October of 2009, but I had never been to the baptistry. It was beautiful! Before heading back to Des Moines we had dinner at the all-too-famous buffet at The Hotel Nauvoo. So many unhealthy dishes that were too delicious to pass up.

Saturday we had breakfast at La Mie. Remember when Liz came to visit and we ate there twice? I had to share my love for the place and can't wait to go back again. We originally planned to spend the day in the Omaha area to see the Winter Quarters temple and the Kanesville Tabernacle, but the previous day gave us a good seven hours in the car and we didn't feel we needed more cramped travel. :) Instead we spent the day touring DMU and watching Harry Potter (a great subject for later).

Sunday we went to church together then explored the sky walk downtown and spent time at both our apartment and the hotel. Monday brought a new work week for me, school for Scott and travel home for the Millers. We loved having them visit and were sad to see them go. We can't wait to travel home this summer!

Pictures? On the other blog, Rachel's Road to Life. :)

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